Prayer of Life's Creation

October 28, 2006


Be in me an intimate and binding...
Force for Love's creation.
Flood me with the power...
That sustains, grows, was and is.

As the mighty oak stretches to the sky
Both in the bright of day
And in the darkness of night
I stretch to You

And as that tree
Is rooted in the firmament of ages
Let me be deeply rooted
In the richness of You

As the river connects
The streams that feed
To the multitude in the valley
Let the Water flow through me

All streams begin with You
All hearts cry out for You
You are the highest mountain
And the vastness of all the oceans

Use me, oh God
Plant me deep in the meadow
That overlooks the sea
Reaches toward the peaks

Let me be the tree
That breathes in the suffering
Of all that draw near
Breathes out the air that heals

I will reach for You
I will be rooted in You
I am filled in You
Given life by You

Reaching toward the Light
Rooted in the Earth
Living, breathing
Loving, being

Let it be, Dear God
Let it be.

And so it is,

Type: Poetry

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