Season of Love

October 24, 2006

That little thing you did with your hair
As you pushed it behind your ear
Revealing a bit more of your cheek
Inviting me to touch you...

Irresistible, unquenchable
Counting to ten
Ten places on you
Where my lips ignited you...

Talking half the night
Such comfort in your voice
Your words found my depth
My ear never tired of hearing...

Skipping in the rain
Climbing the mountain path
You awakened my child
My hands pushing you on the swing...

Leading along the path
Walking together, learning, growing
You showed me truth
My teacher showed you the light...

A season of divine love
Safe and warm and blissful
You found my deepest place
My heart reached out to you...

Our autumn came and went
Winter was long and hard
Spring has bloomed in me
In wholeness, I let you go.

Type: Poetry

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