Violet Tulips

October 15, 2006

I woke from the dream
And was startled to see
You were really there

The sun was even brighter
Than in that magical place
Where the fairies flew free

Light of the sun
Shone brightly on their petals
Soft, smooth, supple, pleasing

Fabric of the heart's dreams
Accentuating your beauty
Overwhelmed by your face

From the moment we met
I heard destiny's song
Ringing sharply in the distance

Song grew in vitality
As I touched your hand
As you looked into my eyes

I felt the breeze in the air
As the angels delivered the gift
Of the openness of love

My greatest fantastic hope
Made real in the dream
As we drifted together

And the dream stretches on
As I gaze into the splendor
Of your warm and kind heart

Your love is my love
Our dance will live forever
In the magic of infinite bliss

Type: Poetry

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