You Matter

July 24, 2005

little one, stand tall
come out from under the bed
the teachers that haunt you
could teach only what they knew

the ghosts that howl cause disquiet
but the love of another brings comfort
alone in suffering
together in healing

aloneness fuels the chaos
chaos feeds the grief
grief gives life to sorrow
and sorrow is the source of pain

how do we break the cycle?
when we feel so very alone?
how do we reach out for another?
when the chains bind our hearts?

with all the courage we can summon,
we bravely open our eyes
and together,
we seek a ray of light

we take but a step,
in the presence of each other
and the choice is made
together, in the solution, we walk

You matter...
Because only with you
am i not alone
and only with me
are you not alone

and together
we find hope
we find caring
we find strength
we find life

(thanks day)

Type: Poetry

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