in the rain

October 12, 2006

and the beat of the falling raindrops
adds a fresh rhythm to the pleasure
and the contrast
between the cold wind
damp and chilly
and the extreme heat that builds
in the friction, the tension, the sensations
beyond warm
we are the raindrops
falling to the ground
seeking destiny
in the journey to the earth
violent crash
force of stored energy
after the anticipation of the fall
exploding on the ground
or on your back
as we dive deeper
and the drops mix
one becomes another
and we mix
one becomes another
and explode
in the victory of ecstatic bliss
as the journey of the heart ends
and the journey of one begins
in the rain
in the cold rain
heat rises
passion multiplies
love explodes
peace ensues
and we breathe
for a time
as one

Type: Poetry

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