The Lowest Levels

July 23, 2005

the bottom of the abyss
below the lowest rungs
deeper than the deepest deepness
the lowest levels of hell

as i contemplated the depths
my heart queried me
inquiring as to its nature
asking after its cause

who experiences the deeper hell?

the man exterminated in the gas chambers?
or the man who was his son?

or perhaps the man who stood and watched?
or the one who turned the knob?

maybe it was all of them
or maybe the man who was spared
or maybe the man who contemplates these things

seems we approach heaven as we approach God
thus, oneness with God is heaven
and separation from God, hell

and so, it seems...

the hell we seek as we move from love
is born of the choice to leave God
and nothing in this world or that
can steal this precious gift of choice

unless we allow it to be so
unless we choose to forgo choice
heaven or hell, the choice is ours
choose well, my son, choose well

Type: Poetry

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