morning after

October 7, 2006

i need to head for a new point of collision
the place where the realms spring forth in new creation
none have visited there and remained unchanged
it is that point from which there is only newness
i met a toad who told me the ancient secrets
the ladybug told him i was ready to hear it
and just before my friend, the toad, swallowed her
the ladybug smiled her last smile at me
there was an odd stillness in the air
the breeze still blew, the sounds flowed
but the energy that permeates all
that force that we know but cannot explain
suddenly changed
and i listened
and i remembered
many lifetimes ago
i told the toad what he was to tell me
for countless ages they were locked away
while i walked and ran and flew into this state
so the circle was being closed
and life would begin once again
as we witnessed the creation
from the heart of a child
from the mind of the toad
as we witnessed
the birth of a new universe
and i smiled
and the man before me smiled back
i realized
that odd taste in my mouth
was the messenger
the ladybug

Type: Poetry

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