Love's Destiny

October 7, 2006

The fog rolled in from the inlet
Wondering if his depature would be delayed
He remembered
Choked back a tear

There was something about her
The way she pushed back her bronze hair
The depth of her eyes, he felt her heart
Something was different from the very start

It was on this dock that they met
Three short days ago, accidental gaze
She felt him in her knees, as she went weak
He felt her in is belly, fluttering butterflies

The love that was struck in an instant
was contagious, even the trees bowed to its majesty
And he was quite sure... he heard angels giggle lightly
She finally broke free of the debilating gaze... and spoke

In that instant, he knew she was the one
He'd dreamed about her, prayed for her, longed for her
and today, this morning... she was here with him
and she said but one word... and he was awed...

But the word she spoke... was outside his understanding
He was devastaed by the need to comprehend
This perfect love... so very close... they were one
But it was not be..,. he wept... and in his weeping...

he woke

Type: Poetry

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