tell me

October 3, 2006

tell me
tell me your name
tell me what moves you
tell me what makes you smile
tell me what makes you cry
tell me everything
we have an eternity to spend
tell me if you enjoy the smell of fresh roses
tell me if what makes your toes curl
tell me your favorite food
and your favorite place to eat it
tell me if you feel the music
deep in your deepest core
tell me if you shiver and sweat
when i draw near
tell me your dreams
reveal all your fears
tell me these things
won't you, my dear?
tell me the colors
you see when you sleep
tell me the darkness
that drives you to weep
tell me the things
that move your whole heart
tell me today
that in me, you're not the same
tell me, my friend
this and much more
open your heart
walk through the door

Type: Poetry

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