Deepening Vessel

September 19, 2006

Deepening vessel
Time rushes on
Life in the flow
Take another breath

How may I serve
The Creator of all?
What might I do
To express my joy?

Sing a new song
Praise all there is
One in perfection
Beauty within

But still there are times
When anger flares out
Forgetting my nature
Connected to One

I judge when I'm judged
Feel fear when afraid
Offended by children
Alone in the haze

Hardships befall
All who would grow
And so I am grateful
Even when small

Take me and keep me
Mold me some more
Gilded and forged
Flames cure us all

To walk is to live
To live, to show love
Thankful for lessons
Breath of God above

Type: Poetry

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