Goodbye, My Love

September 16, 2006

My heart weeps
When I allow myself to think
I may never see your face
But I smile

My soul leaps
To the time we were together
So many lifetimes ago
Lost in a dream

My spirit grieves
The life we could have had
This time around
And tears well

My mind seeks
Answer to this riddle
Why must we not
Fall in love?

My God consoles
All will be well
My precious child
Walk on

But still
I pang for the love
That might have been
Between us

My friend
If it is your wish
I release you
And wish you joy

My love survives
That will never change
Love for you, and for me
So, I walk on

As the tides ebb
And flow
Joy will find a way
To my heart

But today
I allow myself to weep
And grieve
What might have been

As I wave
And beg for the strength
To smile
And say

Goodbye, my love

Type: Poetry

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