Jubilant Feast, Yeast of Life

September 4, 2006

Rays of light
Shot in all directions
They reached the hearts
Of all who would open their eyes

It was hard to believe
Difficult to conceive
Was he really floating?
Faith rewards the spirit of the one who might believe

Tipsy in the Spirit
Was what the leader said
Laid out on the floor
Perfect time for a short nap

Waves of healing peace
Concentric circles of bliss
Touching so many lives
Taking the pain, eating it

The broadest smiles
The stricken dance a dance
Gentle touch of angel's wings
Jubilation fuels the fire

Catalystic conceptions
Preconceived cataclysm
Fires from heaven
Hundred million sacred songs

Bread of Life
Perfect in ev'ry way
And I was the yeast
Come, join the feast

Type: Poetry

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