Pluralistic Peace

September 3, 2006

To desire peace
Brings feelings of lack
Which are counter to peace

To be peace
Yields feelings of completeness
Which invite peace

Two circles
The one is fearful
The other is loving

Two circles
A decision to perceive
That duality exists

Is by definition
Not at one with peace

Join the circles
Neither be peace nor want it
Be instead, as you see

But to see
Is to perceive, to choose
Choice is by definition, duality

To see, thus
Does not create peace
But further duality

What then?
How do we find the peace...
That was created at the start?

Why then?
Do we believe we want peace?
Is peace found in the stillness?

Is the antithesis of creation
Nothing is created in the void

The answer, perhaps
Do not seek, do not want, do not be
Instead, simply connect in love and learn.

Type: Poetry

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