September 2, 2006

Driving today, I had a thought. That my wish was to find a woman whose beauty, both inside and out, overwhelmed me. I've had some very overwhelming experiences in the realm of the spirit lately. A deeper and deeper hunger for the greatest love of my life... Jesus. 

So the thought occurred to me that I wanted that same level of overwhelming desire in the realm of romance...

And I saw your face
In the eye of my mind
And for just an instant
My whole world stopped...

Your beauty is astounding
Cuts me to the deepest core
Tears well at the thought
Of a look into your eyes

My prayer is ever deepened
As I pause to consider
All you might mean to me
In the dream of my hidden heart

Gentle, calm ripples
In the deep stream of life
As we dip our toes
Into infinity exposed

Hungering for the air
That your presence fills
As you but walk by
I shudder in the breeze

It is as I have desired
Child's prayer fulfilled
Overwhelmed by your presence
In your beauty, I am stilled

Type: Poetry

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