July 4, 2003

Stranded on the island of my creation,
Separate from all in the world,
My aloneness was utterly complete,
A testament to my self-defeat.

My being was filled with nothingness,
My soul cried out to be heard,
Emotions were all but stifled,
Yet, my mind was in control.

Control was my companion,
My complete and absolute state,
I reigned supreme over the self that was me,
In time becoming my own god.

Slowly the mind eroded,
Control was elusive, indeed,
I was drifting ever further,
From child, from man, from me.

I thought He had abandoned me,
In truth, I'd abandoned Him,
I'd walked away from hope,
I knew and loved only me.

There came a day of clarity,
I was forced to admit the truth,
I'd destroyed everything of value,
My family, my career, my life.

Next day I found my bottom,
The edge of the abyss,
All hopefulness had left me,
One outcome was all I would see.

The fate of my father looked upon me,
An end to my miserable life,
An ounce of fear intervened,
My fate would wait through the night.

As night turned into day,
I marched toward my end,
But Providence took my hand,
And showed me a hint of light.

Recovery was revealed to me,
I found a piece of hope,
Up the steps toward my salvation,
A glimpse at the face of God.

Such truths have been bestowed upon me,
From humble beginnings to rebirth,
From hope to faith to love,
Of God, of man, of me.

Growth is my companion,
My increasing fountain of life,
An uphill climb for certain,
Towards a life, Divine.

My hope was born of despair,
And life began anew,
Such wonders in this world today,
From blindness, now I see.

The awakenings continue,
Each moment is a chance to grow,
Once beaten, defeated, destroyed,
I surrendered to find victory.

My story is but beginning,
Such hope of life fulfilled,
May I never look back to the past,
But only onward and upward in faith.

Thanks to all who have walked with me,
And those who set the stage,
But mostly I must thank the Lord,
He showed me His loving grace.

Type: Poetry

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