all is well

August 6, 2006

the song plays
the life begins
sun shines
notes lift
a friend stands behind the tree
she giggles
and invites me to follow
skipping along the path
through the deepest wood
feeling the love
sharing it with the birds who look on
even the birds are envious
the joy that we share
and the trees bow down
and the sun shines more brightly
as we emerge
into a meadow
filled with purple flowers
and yellow
and tall grasses
and we hide
and seek
and find
and embrace
and run
and jump
and the song plays on
and God looks on
and smiles broadly
there is only this moment
all others have faded from view
what is to be, will be
what is, is
in the meadow
in the forest
on the beach
in a quiet room
in the heart of a child
in the eye of a dear friend
spirits join
in the present moment
be here
for others
but also
for self
for God
we are all here
only now
time is infinite
stretches forever both to the past and future
but we perceive time only right here
this divine instant
and the next
this holy step
and the next
this perfect soul
and the next
this note of this song
this word of this poem
this breath
of this child
and the next
and all is well....
all is well

Type: Poetry

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