First Date

August 4, 2006

Still a little anxious
First dates are like that
Hearts beating quickly
Wanting this night to last

But all things must end
For new starts to follow
First date, no exception
Time to say goodnight

Remembering in an instant
Talked and laughed and smiled
Watching the hues of sunset
I took your hand, you took mine

So many perfect moments
When I wanted to embrace you
But restraint seemed best
Honor this beautiful night

Dinner under the stars
Waiter spilled the drinks
Laughed at the misfortune
Fate's smile held us close

Sharing the hidden fears
Words flowed, no hesitation
With each word, hearts moved in
Developing hope and trust

When first you touched my hand
I thought I would implode
Belly full of butterflies
Still grinning at the thought

I looked into your eyes
Let the past's curtain close
In the eternity of this instant
I gently pull you near

The moment is electric
When two hearts become one
Embracing you, embracing me
New life is just begun

Type: Poetry

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