Do Hawks Walk on Air?

July 11, 2005

As I looked to the sky, I wondered where the hawks were today. And then I saw... a small blot high in the sky. I recognized the slow circular flight of the hawk high above. A smile formed as another, much nearer, flew into my perspective... from behind the wall which had obstructed my view.

The hawks are always with me. Sometimes, flying high, they are difficult to see; sometimes my view of them is obstructed. But as I open my eyes a bit more widely, open my perception a bit more clearly, open my heart a bit more faithfully, this truth is made manifest.

I've been wondering what is required to walk on water. Do we make the water more dense? Do we make ourselves more light? Do we change the nature of the water so that it is solid rather than liquid? Do we stop time with respect to our vertical path, whilst maintaining the horizontal? Or we we, perhaps, simply float a bit above the water, walking on air?

Of course, that prompts another question ... How do we walk on air?

Type: Poetry

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