Seeking Lost Love

July 19, 2006

Hearts so close
When you were afraid, I was terrified
When feeling joy, I was ecstatic
When you left, I crumbled

Such deep passionate longing
Shared by two incomplete souls
Made complete... in the union
But you left... and I died

Connected in mind, spirit, and glorious bodies
One in the ultimate fusion
Forever joined in bliss
And torn apart, forever bleeding

A thousand days since I saw your eyes
A thousand nights since you felt my weight
Our eternal dance
Ended, in an instant

I've healed, I've grown
I've found the peace of divine sanity
And all of it
I would toss away
For one more kiss

The deep and real love that the gods envy
I must believe will come again
Or else there will be no reason
To wake another day

Type: Poetry

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