random verses..... hearts' song

July 19, 2006

where was i when you said goodbye?
was i sleeping in the stand of trees?
was i lost in the field of waving grains?
did my eyes leave the comfort of yours?

moths fly in the flames of the burning oaks
choice has left there instinctual destiny
waves crash on the rocks of the beach
no thought that the beach is their home

inevitable joy
unspeakable loss

free to be
leaves of the tree
waving in the wind
cleansed of all sins

free to be
bark of the tree
connected to the life
supporting all beauty

dancing free
leaves and me
choose to be
filled with glee

love flows
love grows
plant a new seed
world to feed

purity blossoms
grace abounds
rose in the sun
life in the glow

ancient tree
image of me
walking free
creation be

Type: Poetry

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