dawning of creation

July 16, 2006

your eyes are the window
of dawning creative bliss
spirit pangs to be touched
by the waves of love in you

as the wellspring feeds the fountain
so the images of you feed me

and tonight
our new creation will dawn
and set forth a new time
where hearts run free
and souls dance with glee

set forth the muse
let God's power run through our veins

shining light of heaven
two hearts, beating, divine
exploding in a new dance!

juices of creative force
dams bursting within
you inspire me
as i inspire you
two new souls melding
building art that's true

God's glory shining
light the holy flame
Inviting our Brother
we call out His name

perfection is dawning
in a moment of two
touch my heart tonight
let's dance, me and you

Type: Poetry

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