what is a touch?

July 15, 2006

what shall i write for you?
ask and it is done
your wish is my command
shall i write of the daisies?
covered in fresh morning dew?
whose fragrance overwhelms?
and makes me think of you?
or of the dawn?
i see in your eyes?
the light of creation?
that makes my hope rise?
what is a touch?
five fingers on a hand?
or a heart intertwined?
when love makes a stand?
to touch is to make manifest
the love in our hearts
to touch is to realize
ending is where spirit starts
to know is divine
but to touch is to find
all being intertwined
end of desire's pine
what is a touch?
my hand to your heart
finding through you
where God's love makes the start

for alina

Type: Poetry

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