July 10, 2006

Me, Daddy, Stevie Ray
Three names I am called
Irish and German
With some Cherokee involved

Afraid of the lonely
Dark nights when I'm blue
Teacups with spiders
And remembering when I flew

Sleep, it still seems
I must have each night
Coffee to wake me
And the Son for the Light

I see my two socks
Through eyes of green
Jeans and a t-shirt
As often I am seen

I value the life,
Perfect, holy, divine
Mate would be surely
Compassionate and kind

And so, in relation
With her and with all
Love, joy and healing
Walk together, never fall

I never tell lies
But only what's real
At least that's my aim
To share as I feel

Eyes that are deep
And a smile quite wide
Light that flows clearly
Big heart that's inside

To the top of great hills
Far under the sea
Alone in your heart
Together, we'll be

Heal the world is my goal
Before I would leave
Teach, guide and love
I would hope to achieve

In touch with the yang
Unafraid to shine bright
Hot, hard and aggressive
Strong masculine light

And so that's a bit
Of what makes me unique
I hope you don't think now
"He's really a freak!"

Type: Poetry

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