Stilling the Mind

June 17, 2005

Meditating at the edge of the stream of life,
I asked my mind to be still.

As a child cannot still the urge to laugh,
As a sparrow cannot still the urge to fly,
As a bee cannot resist the charms of a bud,
So my mind will not resist the attraction to the noise.

And I was called to remember the humble teaching of a sage.
He shared the secrets to stilling the selfishness of our hearts;
Be selfish, said he, but share that selfishness with another;
Let your self-centered mind be in the body of a kindred soul.

And so, I tried this secret method, transfixing my mind,
But not my selfishness, but the noise that would not be stilled,
I let my quiet mind abide in the mind of the Christ,
And we observed the child by the stream with quiet contentment.

The Buddha looked on and smiled.

Type: Poetry

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