The Garden

June 15, 2005

The angel read to my spirit tonight;
The words she spoke were written into the book of love.
Time and space and the world separate us,
Yet I was sure we were together.

She spoke about the garden;
I heard about the fountain that nourishes.
The fountain is a gift to the flowers
And the fruits are a gift to the waters that flow.

For without someone to touch with the kindness of the karma,
We tend and nurture and grow the flowers in the darkness.
In the darkness, we cannot thrive.
In the light we are offered the gift of receiving.

The receiver of the gift blesses the giver;
The giver grows the karma of love.
As the blossoms bloom to bliss,
By the healing karma of the water of life.

And we were all blessed tonight:
The enlightened grew in joy as they shared the view,
Of the angel and the water, and the water and the bloom,
As they nourished me, and the holy fruit, in our garden of truth.

And Lord Buddha smiled...
As we knew the fullness of love.

Type: Poetry

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