Song of Sleep

June 27, 2006

I dreamed about a lamb
On a bright and shiny day
Saw her from a grove
Hiding amongst the trees

I dreamed about a tree
Standing among his friends
Saw him from the meadow
As I snacked on summer's grass

I woke from peaceful thoughts
To the greatest depth of sleep
Lying in the darkness
Stars blinked down on me

Drums sound from the depth
Beyond both dream and sleep
Arising from the ancient plain
Drifting amongst the leaves

Floating on the clouds
Angels serende
Prompt us to wake up
Dream wants to recede

I dream about the day
The day becomes the night
Walking in the meadow
Under a grove of leaves

Darkness settles in
Feel the holy beat
Drummers drumming stops
Left with only me

Drifting back to sleep
Riding on the clouds
Lamb offers new glance
Hear the holy beat

Lamb and tree and leaves
Dream and life and sleep
Song of life beats on and on
Heart's soul, new mind meet

Type: Poetry

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