purposeful relationships

June 26, 2006

a purposeful relationship:

serves all involved... there exists parity and equillibrium in the aspect of service. i serve you, your higher self, and you serve me. we both, in these actions, serve god.

is based on truth... there is no need of hiding when there is only truth. the perception of the need for walls of protection is minimized. i expose my heart, fully, honestly, and you expose yours.

produces good... the actions of each of us, both jointly and separately, are the manifestation of the love we share. all good is from god, thus, the wellspring of the good we produce and share is god.

serves the world... god's will is for all children to come home. our greatest purpose, therefore, is to lead others home to divinity. the light we share with each other shines forth on the earth.

is pleasant... when we serve god and others, fulfilling god's will, we find the gift of peace. this calm peace is a pleasant place to abide. as a cool breeze, this peace brings calm contentment.

is a conduit... god channels his calming love and healing light through faithful children to others. two joined as one make a larger conduit, allowing brighter, more far-reaching light to be transmitted.

is beneficial... we are designed to live in relationship with others. we feel, touch, speak, hear, see, know, teach and learn. in purposeful relationship, we are fulfilled; we grow, we heal, we live.

Type: Poetry

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