Held in Secret

June 13, 2005

And the leader of the mysteries
The creator of all truth
Spoke to my heart that day
And that day lives on for all of time

And the time flows as the brook
Where it enters the lake
And I am free to ride the ripples
And fly on the torrents

God is all around me
I am an impulse that flows through His veins
And His veins are the brook
And His mind is the lake
And I ride the ripples
And fly through His thoughts

I give comfort to God today
And He, too, comforts me
The miracle of the ages
The ages that last for a blink
And continue as the breath

And the greatest miracles
Held in secret by the masters of Zen
Is that there are no masters
The master of masters is the servant of the serpent

And the toad observes the truth
And learns it new each day
The discovery of the joy is the greatest joy
And the timeless beating of the heart

My miracle today is that I need not create
To be the oil of the painting is
The beauty of simplicity
And simplicity is the home of love.

Type: Poetry

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