Sinking Ever Deeper

June 12, 2006

How can I?
How will I find the strength to try?
Your precious face brightens my eye.
You are the reason why....

The muck pulls me deeper
Harder and harder to breathe
And that itch makes me crazy
In the place I can't ever quite reach

I decided I was willing
To go anywhere for you
But the screams are chilling
Rattling me to the core

Burning my eyes
Cried my last tear seven days ago
Far beyond sorrow
Misery's closest friend

Clinging to the smell
Sweetness in my mind
Floral beauty that surrounds you
Fragrant colors of your air

But the stench pulls me back
Ten thousand rotting wolves
They ate their fill of me
And turned on their own

Drawn to your spirit
I feel your kiss so kind
Never lose the thought of you
Until I lose my mind

Sinking ever deeper
The end must surely come
Eons and ages in fear
I wish I could succumb

I told you I?d return
On that you can depend
The fear brings only death
Your love, to life, returns

And then the moment comes
End of deepest hell
Your love saved my soul
Into your arms, I fell

Type: Poetry

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