Be Hope

June 12, 2006

Dimness of days
Shuddering with fear
Thoughts of what may be
Or what may no longer be

Depth of the heart
Reaches for another
The further we reach
The more pain we risk

To know the spirit of life
To flutter on the thoughts of angels
To dance on the clouds
In an instant, vanishing

The pain we feel is real
This world is sometimes dark
But love always shines through
Call of the heart holds hope

The further we reach
The more that love is felt
Faith with wings is the greatest gift
To stand by and offer love to another

In unison we sing out
Cry out for the Power of All
Hope and Prayer Heal all the world
Beginning with the heart of one we love

Hope is a choice. Grab it. Hold it. Love it. Cherish it. Give it. Be it...

Type: Poetry

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