Look, See, Seek, Find

June 11, 2006

Over the river
Into the mist
Through the fire
Into the flame

Dreaming the dream
Seeking to find
Truth that lies
Beyond the view

Close your eyes
Open your soul
Quiet the thoughts
Enter the whole

Leap into sleep
Wake to the dream
Dance a new dance
Find the old seam

Light the flame
Empty the heart
Close your mind
Make a fresh start

Remember the truth
We know only light
All else is dark
Temptress of old plight

Fly to the place
Where pasion still burns
Soul is the truth
Big Mind discerns

Love is of spirit
Fear of small mind
Light the new way
Leave the old behind

I'll meet you there
All can be divined
Take the smallest chance
Look and surely find

Type: Poetry

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