short trip to infinity

May 29, 2006

where the path leads
is past the furthest horizon
on the other side of the last star
far beyond anything we can conceive of
its location is not physical
nor in the timeline that we perceive whilst awake

close your eyes
feel the words
translate the feelings into scents
write a new poem with the feelings of the aroma
remember an instant
when you were in perfect bliss
go there
and read the poem

open your eyes to the dream
wake to the light without form
where the imagination creates new colors
hues that transfix the cells of the brains which carry the thoughts
new beams of light
new colors
ride the colors
at breathtaking speed
so fast that the air is heavier than water
and pause

and take a deep breath
feel the blissful pain of the drowning air
and feel me there
on the other side of infinity

enjoy the view
be the ride

Type: Poetry

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