May 8, 2006

Floating down the river
On a raft made of logs
Passing and waving at those on the shore
Drifting peaceably, calmly
Some have called this the tunnel
Others, the edge of the abyss
It is what we choose it to be
A path, a well, a stream, a cloud, a myth, a belief, a heartbeat
A lazy river
There is no hurry to leave
We can take all the time we like
There is no need for fear
Power of intent, harnessed
Path of our own choosing
Why are we 'here'?
Why do we 'hear'?
Who are 'we'?
We are here to hear and to BE
We choose the path
Create it
Travel it
Live it
And invite others
When we teach
We invite others to share our path
And sometimes
The path is a table
And we eat
And we smile

Type: Poetry

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