Smile of a Child

May 3, 2006

Butterflies and bees
Fly in the breeze
Rainbows of candy
Sweet eyes behold

Smile of a child
Innocence untold
Beauty and wonder
In all that she sees

Follow a squirrel
Lost in the trees
Never a thought
Of burdens of old

Love ever flowing
Never withholding
Singing a song
Of A?s B?s and C?s

Find a four-leaf clover
Wish upon the sun
Play a round of hopscotch
Day has just begun

Call me by name
We?ll play in the sand
Take hold of my hand
We?ll play a new game

Joys of our youth
Take my hand today
Under the broad trees
Fly amongst the bees

Joys of youth
Available to all
Close your eyes
Breathe in deep

Remember the place
We visit in sleep
Over the hill
Past the swings

Around the next bend

And believe

Type: Poetry

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