My Wish

May 2, 2006

I've been seeing quite frequently reminders of the power that each of us have when we believe, when we focus that belief, when we intend for what we desire to be made manifest. I'm hesitant to write what I am wanting to write here... Not sure why, exactly... Fear, I suppose..

Afraid of doors to come
Clinging to lessons past
Opening sails wide
Climbing to the top of the mast
Looking beyond the horizon
I see what lies ahead
Tear falls from my eye
As I think of what I'll leave
As I set my sights ever high
And believe I will acheive
Voices from the heart
Know the path is right
Close my eyes to start
Dive into the light

My wish, my prayer, my intent, is to publish my poems, to share my gifts with all who would be somehow lifted by them.

And so it is...

Type: Poetry

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