Dance with me

April 29, 2006

Have you ever felt a day so perfect as today? Do you feel the need to dance? Will you be the wings of my angel? Are you willing to swallow the joy? Let jubilation engulf?

Dance the dance...
Stand on the creation of your beauty.
Take a chance....
Today is the day when the swallows come home to nest.

Is there really, truly, anything in your life that you have not designed? I choose my mind, my friends, my mood, my surroundings, my heart... And today, today.. I choose to dance.....

Take my hand
We'll fly to the clouds
Revel in the bright blue
Fly away, me and you

What are you wating for? What is holding us back from deciding to change all the world? Where shall we start? Here? Now? You? Me? Let's take a stand, a step...

Dancing the dance of the heart
No need to wait, let's just start
One step and one hand in two
Smile when I take a step with you

So... here we are... we've walk, cried, wept, laughed, giggled and said 'wheeee!'.... we've tasted love and pain's mystery... and for some reason, here we are.. I, writing these words, and you, reading them.. touching hearts from afar... what's next? ready to change the world? shall we?

Dance with me......

Type: Poetry

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