for my new wife, on our first anniversary

April 26, 2006

on this wonderful day of celebration
a year since we shared divine vows
my joy is renewed yet again
as i wake to the light in your smile

memories that we've spun together
as we danced, skipped, laughed and made love
while life without you was quite marvelous
living with you is heaven above

unworthy, i'll forever remain
adoring look sent my way
mutual, and kind, and persitent
i thank God for you every day

i close my eyes for an instant
remember the wedding day clear
night of warm passion that followed
as i feel your lips drawing near

spark that we felt that first date
alive and exciting evermore
fly with new wings every morn
in wispy, white clouds we still soar

we chose to share two lives
today those two lives are one
intent of pure love is most powerful
in the clear honest rays of the sun

dedicated to my wonderful friend, toni

Type: Poetry

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