passion's fire (provocative)

May 7, 2005

in a small dark room
she waited for her lover
he imagined her thoughts
he imagined her beauty
he remembered the passion
the passion that they shared
as their bodies grew warm
and their lips grew close
and their hearts grew together
the passion rose
and the love was on fire
and the fire spread
from the hearts to the lips
from the lips to the tongues
and my tongue danced across the warmth of your legs
and i smelled the passion as it grew
and the connection of the heart
and the connection of our eyes
filled us
and the moment grew
and i tasted the warmth
and i drank in the moment
and we danced
and the dance was the ultimate dance of love
and the love we made
filled the moment
and we are together
anticipating the ecstasy
living the bliss
and the moment of perfection
and a whisper that fills the room
and grows to the scream of the joy we feel
and we are one
and it is done
and the moment lingers
you and i
in love

Type: Poetry

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