E Pluribus Unum

April 12, 2006

SurferGirl: write me a poem
SurferGirl: about this country
SurferGirl: stick up for us
Stevie Ray: freedom, fairness, justice, integrity
Stevie Ray: what else makes us great?
SurferGirl: our spirit
Stevie Ray: we stand together
Stevie Ray: e pluribus unum
SurferGirl: we do every thing for the world and all we get is shit
Stevie Ray: we will continue to do it
Stevie Ray: whether we get shit or not
Stevie Ray: that is the nature of love
Stevie Ray: the focus of integrity
Stevie Ray: we do the right thing when everyone is watching
Stevie Ray: and we do the right thing when no one is watching
SurferGirl: yes
Stevie Ray: my son is a marine
Stevie Ray: he's in iraq
SurferGirl: thank you

So... I write this poem after a few days of simmering, cogitation, reflection... I write this poem for my friend the Surfer Girl... I write this poem for my son the marine... I write this poem for a country still in the pain of turmoil...

Most days fade quickly from our memories. Some days do not.... Occasionally, there is a day of such shared intensity that it remains for a very long time in our collective consciousness.... September 11th, 2001 was one such day...

E Pluribus Unum

From a great many lands
Come together as one
Choosing freedom's song
In the bright morning sun

All the world watches
As we carry our share
Growing in fortitude
By the burdens we bear

Many fearful trials
From within and from without
Serve to make us stronger
Prepare for the next bout

A nation of believers
In faith and peace and light
Through differing perceptions
Agree hope and truth are right

Shared hope for the future
Passed to generations new
Breathing in each day
Morning's refreshing dew

Integrity of truth
Example for all to behold
Noonday or the dark of night
Highest self, standing bold

Faith in the heart of a nation
Bolstered by a longstanding vow
Stand in light, serve the world
In peace and calm we bow

The universe is watching
Let's join in highest acclaim
Children of the world
Affected by today's chosen aim

Days are growing longer
As the seasons change and grow
Reaching for a higher place
Let love be all we know

Fate of lives is in our hands
Let's pause for a moment to reflect
Release the illusion of differences
No race, creed, belief, or sect

Growing individually in age
Lessons of time are earned
Greatest of these, forgiveness
Find peace when it is learned

Likewise as a nation
Time to end the zeal
Peace in this newfound day
One nation, choose to heal

Type: Poetry

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