dark wanderings

April 11, 2006

a desire to be enslaved
a desire to close off all light
a desire to suckle on the breast
a longing to let go
to feel the lovely pain of nothingness
the end of pain
is near the place
where pain is greatest
when we feel the extremeness on the edge of all
it frightens us greatly, the horrific call
mind says we would like to stand tall
but heart knows it's much easier to fall
on the edge of understanding
is a world of spirit
another realm
another existence
another set of eyes
gazing deep
feeling the deepest part of me
i am at once
on the edge of understanding
at the start of my demise
lies a place that's full of wonder
filled with magic and surprise
i feel that the door to that place
is in the coupling
of kindred spirits
it is what i seek
the next plane
between here and there
between here and the light
there seems to be a patch of darkness
so dark that light is extinguished
that dark feels too much like the other dark
the place i go when i long to cut
it is compelling
to bleed is to live
we crave the light
the light beyond the tunnel
through the darkness
the other darkness
we sometimes misinterpret
there are two dark places
one is without
the other within
one is pain
the other love
we mistake the pain for love

Type: Poetry

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