Necessary Teacher

April 3, 2006

She scurried into the chill of darkness
Comforted by the ravaging thoughts
Solitude was safer than reaching out
Chilling disturbance ran down her back

Hints of light danced in the periphery
Memories of so very long ago
Now faded and foggy and dim
Ancient faith left her nothing to grieve

Knowing was beyond her furthest reach
Clarity, the glimmering of a drop of dew
Only one choice left for this lost heart
Find a corner to embrace death quietly

But grace has a way of synchronicity
Waits 'til the darkest of instants
The universe has learned time and again
Daughter made in the image of all

Immeasurable ages of experience
Held in the heart of a child
Pain is a necessary teacher
Creation comes only at that cost

Type: Poetry

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