Love is the only Way

April 3, 2006

Rising from the ancient pit
Fearful memories burned away
And all that is left
Is the essence of Love

Walking through the pain and grief
Trusting that a broken heart
Is healed by the Living Water
Flowing forth from One tear

Miracle of miracles
God?s Holy and Perfect Son
Instant of intent, choice of Prayer
Releasing stores of Healing Love

Joyful dance
Father and Son
Sister and Brother
All souls are One

Take my hand
Feel my embrace
Set down the shame and guilt
Let me help to bear your fear

Love is the only Way
Forgiveness leads to peace
Residing, presiding, abiding
God?s Light, our light, new life

Let us feel Your intimate Touch
Guide us to Your joyous Smile
Your perfect Peace is all we desire
Lead us; love us; grant us Heaven? today

Type: Poetry

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