Remembering Dreams

March 26, 2006

I remember clearly how difficult it used to be for me to fall asleep. I would stay up very late, and still toss and turn for thirty minutes or so before I would let sleep overtake me. But as I confronted my demons, shadows, secrets, and admitted, accepted and embraced them, I found a place of true serenity. In this place, I no longer tossed and turned. There was no fear of the upcoming sleep. So now I fall asleep in minutes, sometimes even less than a minute.

With that change, I slept more soundly; I remembered none of my dreams. Or perhaps, I had a year of dreamless sleep.

Lately, I have been wanting to create and remember dreams. I believe that while I am awake and in the light, there may still exist higher levels of self not yet met by the concious self that is typing these words. If this life, this realm exists only as an extenstion of the mind, only as a shared agreement, perhaps we are closest to nirvana, to truth, in the deepest of sleep.

So for these reasons, I have begun to remember my dreams.

Last night I dreamed of mystery
Of hope of life divine
In sleep I found a history
Lives lived and left behind

Doorway to the past
Pathway into light
Colors meant to last
From the darkest night

Intent is born not in the day
But just before the rooster's crow
So if we want to laugh and play
In dreams is where intent must sow

Type: Poetry

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