March 21, 2006

heat rising
baking the night
touching that deepest place
diving into delight

slow motion moaning
heat's explosive blast
holding back
making it last

let me engulf you
heat floods your mind
flames of passion smolder
trust builds, eyes blind

expansive ripples
feel the heat grow
blinding bright blaze
faster, faster, slow

rhythm of the beat
passion takes the breath
overflowing heat
feel it in your toes

i can see inside you
know what makes you burn
heat of the next moment
giving what you yearn

pain of slow movement
shaking in the fright
that this moment will end
before the release of light

torturous heat explodes
flame of ecstacy's spark
together, perfect release
screaming into the dark

and then
we breathe in
and expel

Type: Poetry

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