twelve haikus

March 20, 2006

fallen from great heights
clarity of thought is born
the journey begins

seeking new viewpoint
finding one who can free us
loving creator

making a new choice
leap of faith to higher plane
power is restored

look at the past's ghosts
leaving no old stone unturned
keep writing in hope

share with another
feel the new freedom from shame
no longer alone

becoming willing
let the new power change us
old life is ending

fresh humility
kneel before creation's flame
surrender the flaws

a list of old names
own up to all the harms done
accepting new face

healing the old wounds
caused by years of selfishness
setting lives aright

look in the mirror
a new perspective on life
examining self

oneness with power
talking to the composer
hearing love's new song

alive and awake
we share the joy of new life
leading others home

Type: Poetry

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