my eyes

March 7, 2006

I once knew a man who touched the Face of God
Felt all divinty under the wings of the hawks
As they lifted him from his restful trance
Bathed in white light, he learned to dance

The nature of all was revealed to my friend
Moment of clarity from creation to end
Time had no meaning, so he told me
Learned all there was, simplicity of Be

He'd spend his days walking, smiling so broad
Talked with the flowers, befriended a frog
His Brothers strolled with him, never alone
Loved them completely, in their Light he shone

His teachers, divine, showed him the way
Secret of ages, revealed in one day
Journey continues, dancing for miles
Brothers in divinity, bright giggles, true smiles

On days when I feel that the world's not quite right
I remember the lessons He taught me and delight
I can't help but laugh in reborn surprise
He and I rejoined as I look in my eyes

Type: Poetry

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