Moment's Beat

March 4, 2006

Moment of choice
Everything changes
Love rearranges
Destruction, creation

All new again
Silent hearts glowing
Depth of all showing
Star's fleeting glance

Dancing on ripples
Motion of stone
Together, alone
Beat of new life

Old vows renewed
Questioning all
Let wisdom fall
Faith of a child

Walking alone
Into new lands
Holding His Hands
Bathed in all Light

Divinty speaks
Hope's dawning morn
Son of God shorn
Brother's tears fall

Children afraid
Look to the heart
Sacred new start
Awake in the glow

Look to the sky
Father of Love
Angels above
Raining their tears

Back to the song
New dawn is here
Hold my heart near
Never alone

Lost in the dark
Together in light
Tear down the walls
Beat of one heart

Love shines anew
Feel the faith sprout
Lift up your voice
Jubilant shout

Today, we are joined
Brother and brother
Raven and mother
Allness of Be

Join the parade
Dancing with Love
All hearts are one
Don't be afraid

Song without end
Beat ripples on
Touching another
Healing's new dawn

Type: Poetry

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