divine pleasure

March 4, 2006

when we are open, both to ourselves and to others
we have smashed the walls of separation
and can be fully involved
a mixing and melding
of the light
of love
of the body
and the bodies
and the tastes
and the sensations
i can feel my pleasure
through the tip of your tongue
and the spirals are endless
and intense
and the feelings intensify
as the sensations feed and grow
i wonder if you have ever felt fully
the pleasure you bring
from the perspective
of the pleasuree
and the magnification
and the relections
and the ripples of the flow
and the taste of the sounds
of the moment of silence
between the gasps
that sweet precious painful instant
of longing
the absolute need
to explode
and the power
the power
that grows
as we hold
and wait
and gaze
as you gaze into eternity
and need
need to scream
the holy scream
of jubilant ecstasy
but instead
you continue
to grant
with that delightful tongue
to me
and it is good
it is very very good

Type: Poetry

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