conversing with a butterfly

April 21, 2005

[22:43] i was conversing with a butterfly today
[22:44] she was quite wise
[22:44] though she had gone through the transformation only a few months ago
[22:45] her wisdom was much older than this current existence
[22:45] she spoke to me of light
[22:46] and the power of the light to overtake the darkness
[22:46] the tide of the light pushes every moment
[22:47] against the ebbs of the abyss
[22:47] there is no real strength in the darkness
[22:47] but it befriends the fear in each of us
[22:47] and thus clouds the love and the light
[22:47] the embrace of angels give us the peace
[22:48] just a moment of peace
[22:48] so that we can have a glimmer of choice
[22:48] at a glimpse of hope
[22:48] and the angels lead us
[22:48] and the angels guide us
[22:48] into the hand of God
[22:49] into the hand of the light
[22:49] into the eye of love
[22:49] :)

Type: Poetry

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