cold hand

February 22, 2006

cold hand of a friend
sanity trickles away
biting my neck
attracting my hope

Fear kills so many beautiful relationships that might have been. I feel like I need to weep. Maybe I need to sleep. Or simply let go... of the hope that lived in me.

ego tramples love
holds my light within
all it needs is a word
to again change everything

Maybe I'm just being a drama queen, again. Attention-seeking behavior. I don't know... Is it to much to expect to hope to find someone who cares?

Lost in the thoughts
Triggered by a dream
Let the tear fall
Feel the constant scream

None of this negativity will help. This I know. Light attracts light. Dark attracts dark. The solutions seem the same as ever... Seek the light. Be the light. Heal others. Heal self.

Shimmering glimmer of hope
Shines from the song of a hawk
As he swoops down
Eats the rat before me

Up and down, to and fro, emotional rollercoasters. Maybe it's the empath. Taking on too much from others. Good to take a break every now and again. Drink down the tea; empty the cup. Be the flow.

Close eyes for an instant
Ask God for some help
Burdens start to drift away
New day has begun

Type: Poetry

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